Different Chair Glides For Different Chairs For You

Different Chair Glides For Different Chairs For You

If you have dragged your chair glides from one place to another, for changing its location, or to make the position more comfortable, you may have noticed drag marks and scratches on the floor. Dragging and repositioning chairs and furniture may seem to be quite tough, especially if they are heavier than what a person can carry.

However, chair glides make it easier to move chairs while also protecting the chair and floor from damages. Read on to know more about the different kinds of chair glides that you can use for protecting your chairs and also to make moving them easier.

Types Of Glides For Chairs

Check out the various kinds of chair glides that you may often come across:

Adhesive Felt Glides

These kinds of chair glides need to be stuck to the chair using glue or some kind of strong adhesive material. These kind of chair glides are very easy to use and replace when they get worn out. The adhesive material used can be easily removed by pulling it and this kind of chair glides are best to use on plastic and other light-weight chairs.

Nail On Glides

These glides are particularly easy to use since all you have to do is stick them into chairs like a nail. However, this type of chair glides can only be used on chairs with wooden or metallic legs that can withstand being drilled into.

Screw On Glides

Screw on glides, as the name suggests, need to be screwed under the legs of chairs. They protect the chair legs while moving them and also gives stability to the chairs. It is better to use them on chairs with solid legs that can withstand the required drilling.

Threaded Glide

Most high-end chairs used in workplaces and conference halls come with this kind of chair glides. They offer repositioning by tilting the chair in different manner, but keeps the chair stable in one place. They are a good choice if you wish to prevent unnecessary movement to the chairs.

Tilted Glide

These chair glides are a bit tilted so that the chair can be given a slight tilt. This much tilt is often preferred by people who sit on their chairs for long hours, working on computers as the slight tilt helps them relax their backs and reduce chances of back pain. These are often a popular choice for office chairs.

Saddle Glide

Saddle glides are best used for chairs that do not need much movement. They are fixed on the legs of a chair and protect it from the floor. Further, these kinds of glides are meant to give additional support and grip to a chair to prevent it from unnecessary movement.


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