How to Attach Fingerboard Trucks

How to Attach Fingerboard Trucks

The popularity of the fingerboard mini sport has increased tremendously over recent years. It is currently the talk of town and more than a hobby for many players. The best way one can be sure that they enjoy the sport is by having well-assembled fingerboard trucks. Loose trucks can diminish the maximization of game enjoyment. While this is the case, the majority still do not know how to attach fingerboard trucks when a need arises.

A step-by-step guide to attaching fingerboard trucks

There is a high chance that your loose fingerboard trucks will fall off. Thus, it is essential to have a well-assembled fingerboard to protect it from any damage. Excellent attachment of the fingerboard trucks is the first step toward ensuring you have a great fingerboard. Here is a simple guide on how you can attach the fingerboard trucks.

Prepare all the necessary assembly tools

The first step requires you to have all the necessary tools with you. Like it is the case when fixing any other tool or device, you cannot complete the process successfully if you do not have the right accessories. When you decide to get what is needed on time, it allows you to save time. Make sure you gather your fingerboard, trucks, screwdriver, and screws in one place.

Screw the fingerboard trucks

Most suppliers will provide you with eight screws when you purchase the fingerboard trucks. Take the screws, insert them into the fingerboard trucks, and attach them to the deck. Make sure to use an X pattern when screwing. That is in a top right and bottom left pattern. The X-pattern order ensures that you even out the truck and the deck. It also reduces the chances of getting a crooked screw.

Tighten the screw

Use a screwdriver or your bare hands to tighten the screw. Make sure that you do not apply too much force while tightening. Also, check whether the fingerboard trucks sit well against the deck, then lightly tighten the screws. When tightened, you are assured of safety because they will not detach when you least expect. Make sure you execute this step carefully because your safety and lifespan of the fingerboard matters a lot.

Re-check screw assembly

One thing you need to do when inserting the screws is to check whether they are a perfect fit for the trucks. The main objective of the confirmation is to avoid loose screws. After you screw the trucks, turn the fingerboard and observe their appearance. Make sure no gap exists between the truck’s bottom and the deck. If you note a gap, determine which screw is the issue. Then take it out and insert it well.


How well your fingerboard trucks rest against the deck can determine their effectiveness. Thus, it is always advisable to screw in the trucks well. Also, once you complete screwing in the trucks, confirm whether they have a perfect fit. A perfect fit will guarantee that you maximize the use of your fingerboard. Buy your fingerboard trucks from Alibaba and they will serve you for long.